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Mastering Your World:
How to Stay Alive When You're Getting Eaten Alive

A Leadership Workshop 

As a leader in your organization, you face a tough challenge - how to manage yourself, your time, and your energy to get the results you want, without burning yourself out.  This highly interactive three-hour workshop will help you thrive in our fast-paced world and will include strategies to help you take back your job and your life.  If you're working on a high-stakes assignment, and can't afford to fail - a new job, a special project, or a high-visibility role or performance - this workshop is for you!  You'll be provided with an activity binder with detailed information, more resources, and independent activities that you can take away with you to continue your own learning experience.

You'll learn how to: 

  • Recognize what makes a leader, and how you can develop the key competencies that extraordinary leaders all share
  • Develop your own effectiveness as a leader, your personal power, and your own well-being
  • Make big breakthroughs in your thinking, moving you toward more effective action
  • Understand what it takes to sustain peak performance under pressure

You'll complete exercises to help you: 

  • Surface the real leadership challenges you face in a typical day
  • Assess how you're performing in five key leadership skill sets
  • Recognize the underlying assumptions you may hold that are getting in your way
  • Communicate - and get - what you want more effectively
  • Establish some powerful new habits to build your ability to bounce back
  • Build time for reflection into your busy life
  • Build a network that will really support you  

.and more!

To find out how you can bring this energizing workshop to your organization, call Beth at (505) 992-2675 or email her at

Think Like a Futurist:
Scenario Planning for Fun and Profit 

A Strategy Workshop 

In today's world of lightening-quick change and uncertain futures, leaders like you face a tough challenge when it comes to strategic planning.  How can you get your whole team to think strategically and focus on the things that really matter to the future success of your organization?  This fast-paced workshop will introduce you and your team to scenario planning, an intriguing approach to anticipating the future and what it may bring for your industry and your organization.   Tailored specifically for you and your team, the workshop is customizable for a one, two, or three day timeframe - perfect for your next management retreat. 

You'll learn:

  • Why traditional forecasting doesn't work anymore
  • How to recognize key variables in your industry and construct alternative scenarios for the future
  • How to tell which way the wind is blowing before your competition figures it out
  • How to take steps now to prepare for an uncertain future 

You'll experience:

  • A highly interactive and creative mode of learning
  • A unique way of building a tighter, more focused team
  • A mind-expanding way of observing your business environment 

You'll take away:

  • An activity binder with detailed information, more resources, and independent activities so you can continue your own learning experience
  • A more robust strategic planning process that will enhance your competitive position in the marketplace
  • A "Next Steps" action plan to keep the momentum going 

.and more! 

To find out how you can bring this stimulating workshop to your organization, call Beth at (505) 992-2675 or email her at



    You know people who hire personal trainers to help them reach fitness goals.  You know that every top athlete has a private coach.  Likewise, many executives realize it's essential to have their own coach to succeed in achieving their professional and personal aspirations.

    The Facilitator: 
    Beth Bloomfield, PCC, CMC

    Beth Bloomfield is the founder and principal of Bloomfield Associates, LLC, an executive coaching and strategic consulting firm.  She is an experienced certified professional executive coach, certified management consultant, and senior executive whose clients include leaders in business, non-profit, and public sectors.  Beth frequently writes and speaks on the topic of leadership.  She serves on the faculty of the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Certificate Program. 










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